Biden, Harris and BLM…WTF?? Don’t Fall for This Garbage

The 2020 Presidential Election Democratic position is being driven by (3) primary factors:

  1. Joe Biden: Not sure what he’s running for, what state he’s in and is running his campaign from his basement. Has a long history of racial comments (see below).
  2. Kamala Harris: She thinks Biden is a racist and a sexual predator, ironically she is also a racist and sexual predator herself
  3. Black Lives Matter: This wonderful group of radical delinquents is responsible for destroying cities and towns across the country. The funny thing about BLM is the “founders” proudly admitted that they are “trained Marxist”. Maybe it’s me, but isn’t that tantamount to these same BLM “founders” sitting down and writing laws with Jim Crow? Karl Marx HATED black people more than the KKK. The big difference between the two is the KKK is widely known for wearing white sheets, cross burnings and lynchings, so people knew who they were and what they were all about. Marxists on the other hand, were/are the proverbial “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Marxism in America, is largely based on using black people to prop up their communist “movement”, while simultaneously keeping black communities down and laying the blame squarely at the feet of white people. There’s no question that Marxism has been far more effective at destroying black communities than the KKK or White Supremacists ever could. This makes it all the more complex to understand how and why a black movement in 2020 can be based on the exact principles designed by a man that loathed all black people. It becomes more confusing when we see the educational system, businesses and so on, bend over and feed into BLM’s Marxist demands, unless they are Liberal Progressives. Unless you’re a Marxist, don’t be suckered into a belief system you know not to be true. Be informed and aware of the truth behind Biden, Harris and BLM, it’s 100% Communism.

Biden Racial Comments?

Harris Comments About Biden?

BLM Foundation and Beliefs are Marxist?

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