LET THE GAMES BEGIN…. Quite often, the Far Left makes the news for some really bizarre, baffling, and downright dumb reasons, however, many of those news stories hardly attract any attention or minimal attention and they are noteworthy. Look for patterns in news stories that help frame a more honest narrative about what the Left is doing and where the elections are headed

Keep looking for those narratives below! The dots will connect better than any poll!

  1. 8/27/2020: Hawley: ‘The Marxist Left Is Essentially in Control Now of the Democratic Party’
  2. 8/27/2020: Leftists Hurl Racist Abuse At Black, Naturalized RNC Speakers
  3. 8/27/2020: 100 Disgruntled Never-Trumpers and Romney, McCain and G.W. Bush Staffers Endorse Joe Biden and Liberal Media Thinks This is Bad for Trump
  4. 8/27/2020: You Knew This Was Coming… Nancy Pelosi: “I Don’t Think That There Should Be Any Debates… I Wouldn’t Legitimize a Conversation with Him” (VIDEO)
  5. 8/26/2020: Left Threatens Violence Over Election Loss
  6. 8/26/2020: Marxist New York City Mayor DeBlasio Says Restaurants May Open Their Indoor Dining “Next Year Sometime” (VIDEO)
  7. 8/26/2020: HUGE! DOJ Requests COVID-19 Data From Four Democrat Governors who Issued Orders to Send Sick Patients to Nursing Homes
  8. 8/26/2020: Far-left racism, bigotry now being disguised as “woke” capitalism
  9. 8/26/2020: Ocasio-Cortez cheers destruction of cities, rioting, and looting as she claims it’s “profoundly exciting” to see mobs “in the streets”
  10. 8/26/2020: Some NBA Players Considering Boycott Over Jacob Blake Shooting
  11. 8/26/2020: CNN’s Don Lemon Asks Democrats to PLEASE Change Strategy
  12. 8/26/2020: BLM Lashes Out at Democrats
  13. 8/25/2020″ Ukrainian flagged as intel danger to Trump had extensive contact with Obama officials, memos show
  14. 8/25/2020: Biden on policing: Head-spinning reversals, and a disconnect with Democrat platform
  15. 8/24/2020: Biden Is Promising to “Fair Share” Your Small Business Into the Dust
  16. 8/24/2020: Speaker Pelosi Labels President Trump and Republicans “Domestic Enemies….Enemies of the State” (VIDEO)
  17. 8/24/2020: Unhinged Leftist Assaults Democrat Gathering Signatures To Recall Oregon Governor
  18. 8/23/2020: NY State Sen: I Think Nursing Home COVID Deaths Undercounted by ‘a Couple of Thousand’ ‘at a Minimum’
  19. 8/23/2020: BOMBSHELL: Antifa was imported to America from Europe by the Obama-Biden administration to forge domestic terrorism alliance with BLM, new report alleges
  20. 8/23/2020: Protesters Across U.S. Plan to ‘Save’ USPS; Call for Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s Resignation
  21. 8/22/2020: House Democrats Block Funding for Police, Small Business Aid
  22. 8/22/2020: TEACHING INSANITY: Schools now teaching remote students “virtual fire drills” in case the buildings they’re NOT occupying catch fire
  23. 8/22/2020: Rioters Throw Poop Balloons At Police, Trash Blazer’s Boys And Girl’s Club In 85th Straight Day Of Chaos (VIDEO)
  24. 8/22/2020: DOE Orders Investigation into Race Workshops for White Men at Nuclear Lab
  25. 8/22/2020: Reparations for Everyone — What Do We Do if We’re All Victims and Victimizers?
  26. 8/22/2020 “I Was Raped by Top Democrat Donor – I Know More Than You Will Ever Know About Their Evil” – Hollywood Actress Goes Off on Biden and Democrats – This is not to say she is now a Republican, but she is well aware of the truth of the Dems
  27. 8/22/2020: FAKE HATE: Black Democrat Faked and FILMED her Own Beating and Kidnapping… WTH? And She Did it For Votes — She Even Posted It Online!
  28. 8/22/2020: Biden Accidentally Joins NAMBLA (this is a few years old BUT hoe stupid can he be?)
  29. 8/22/2020″ Reference to Kamala Harris as ‘colored’ costs Cleveland radio anchor, 26, his job: reports
  30. 8/21/2020: Criminal justice activist Donna Hylton, featured in DNC video, was convicted for role in grisly 1985 murder
  31. 8/21/2020: U. of Virginia ‘Racial Equity Task Force’ Demands Reparations for Descendants of Slaves that Built Campus
  32. 8/21/2020: Texas School District Apologizes for Assignment Likening Police to KKK, Slave Owners
  33. 8/21/2020: Biden says he’d be willing to shut the country down to stop coronavirus if scientists recommended it
  34. 8/21/2020: Sinking Ship: Joe Biden Begs for Money – Admits GOP Outraised his Campaign by $25 Million Last Month
  35. 8/21/2020: Analysis: Wikipedia articles on American politicians mostly cite leftist media
  36. 8/21/2020: White House Reporter Mocks President Trump Over Death of Brother Robert Trump
  37. 8/21/2020: Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin claims she cried ’15, 20′ times while watching Dem convention
  38. 8/21/2020: As murders soar in Chicago, judges are freeing more violent-crime suspects on electronic monitoring
  39. 8/21/2020: Joe Biden’s DNC Acceptance Speech Gets 21% Lower Ratings Than Clinton in 2016
  40. 8/21/2020: “We sick of yo’ White Ass!” Minnesota Dem candidate threatens small-town Americans during BLM protest
  41. 8/21/2020: City to Make All Black Lives Matter Street Painting on Hollywood Boulevard Permanent
  42. 8/21/2020: Dem convention features ‘transgender non-binary gender-transcendent mermaid queen-king’
  43. 8/20/2020: CAUGHT: DNC faked Kamala supporters – Used double images of Kamala fans in crowd shot
  44. 8/19/2020: It’s all a set up! Politician calls for “unrest in the streets” before election
  45. 8/19/2020: Democrats still defending rioters as “mostly peaceful” after man is dragged out of his car and beaten nearly to death

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