Never Give Up! Do what Others Say Can’t be Done! Unless You’re on the Right

From the day we’re born, our family, friends, teachers, coaches or clergyman have always told us to do our best! “Be the best you can be” they would tell us! They would encourage us and say “Don’t give up or quit at something just because others say you can’t do it or can’t be done”. These are great and supportive comments, unless you’re on the political Right, then they’re meaningless.

In June 2015, Donald & Malina Trump came down the escalator in Trump tower where he announced he was running for President of the United States in the 2016 election. , however he’s been a successful businessman all his life. He’s a master at real-estate acquisitions, construction and running multi-billion dollar businesses. He’s been wildly successful, however, Trump is not a politician, never has been.

From the day Trump announced he was running for President he has had an uphill battle. No one took him seriously, and believed he was a joke. War was waged on Trump from every conceivable perspective:

  • The Mainstream Media, Republicans, Democrats, CEO’s, Sports Figures, Foreign Leaders and the vast majority of Americans. Trump took the MSM, their smears and lies head on and was vindicated almost every time.
  • EVERYONE told him he to drop out of the race, it was his civic duty and for the betterment of the Republican Party
  • Trump had to campaign and debate against (17) different Republicans, most of which have been in the political world for many, many years
  • As we all know, Trump went on the beat every single Republican that was running for President
  • Up until the November 8th election, all polls and pundits had Trump losing to Hillary, she was certain to become the next President of the United States
  • We all know what those results were
  • Russia Collusion investigation: Trump was vindicated
  • Ukraine Scandal: Trump was vindicated
  • COVID: While Trump has not been vindicated, he has fought like hell every step of the way to bring truth to American people
  • BLM and Antifa Riots
  • USPS Scandal

Whether or not you like Trump, he has done the impossible and he has proven every naysayer wrong. Trump is the quintessential example of what we’ve been taught all of our lives: never giving up and doing what all others said can’t be done. Add to that he never sleeps, he’s always going and doing and is never, ever deterred. Unless someone identifies with the Far Left, accomplishments like Trump’s are withing reach!

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