It’s 1/15/21, What The Hell Is Going On???

How in the hell do I process all of what’s going on???????

I think it’s fair to say that the current news cycle is lagging behind OR may not air or write about many things going on today. Everybody and their mother are posting videos, Tweets, blogs, etc. most of which are giving people false expectations one way or the other. I’ve been going through endless material, days and nights on end. I am not a Q Anon follower but I’m also not a denier. I review things, check, check again and recheck for credibility. During these times and for the literal sake of my and my families mental health, I need to view things down the middle. I don’t believe most of which I read BUT I don’t discount it either. I try to keep an open mind, see if there are similar news articles, videos, activities and try to connect the dots.

Instead of posting a 1,000 different post, I thought I’d make it easier for anyone interested (as well as myself) to consolidate the verified information, provide all links and let you be your own guide. I hope this helps.

Executive Order 13848:

Executive Order 13959:

(73) Budgetary Rescissions Issued 1/14/21:

US Election Fraud (general petrseus):

Russia Interference (biden audio):

Project Vertias Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey:

Solomon Russia Gate:

1/15/21: Italy Government, Renzi Party Quits –

1/15/21: Netherlands Government Resign –

1/15/21: Poland Social Media Free Speech Law –

1/15/21:  Les Wexner and Epstein  –

1/15/21: Estonia’s PM Resigns –

1/15/21:  VA Closes All Bridges –

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