1/21/21: Loudoun County Brd. Supervisors approved resolution calling for the resignation of Delegate David LaRock. LCBS Are Racist Hypocrites, As You Will See in This Post

Phyllis Randall (LCBS), Julie Briskman (LCBS) and Michelle Thomas (NAACP & Loudoun Soil and Dirt Committee or whatever it’s called) ALL accused VA State Delegate Dave LaRock of, this is really bad, exercising his 1st Amendment rights.

Below is the actual resolution these people submitted and approved. I’ll save you a little time and highlight Mr. LaRock’s crimes:

  • False allegations of who won the presidential election and was making it widely known
  • Attended (2) “Stop the Steal” Rallies, one of which was on 1/6/21. However, Mr. LaRock was not a storm trooper, did not enter the Capitol, did not speak at the event. He simply legally attended a rally in support of Trump, along with another 1,000,000 people. We all know what happened at the Capitol, but these people want you to think he was the one sitting at Pelosi’s desk.
  • They reference that “Stop the Steal” rallies attracted hate groups who made themselves known on social media. Notice they didn’t not reference any specific hate groups. Why? Well, #1 the KKK was not there and #2 the hate groups that did participate in the Capitol riots were BLM and Antifa, but they don’t want anyone to know that.
  • Mr. LaRock made false assertions about who stormed the Capitol. Nooooo, he just didn’t identify the people who lead the charge, BLM and Antifa. This was also pointed out by the FBI PRIOR to this ridiculous “resolution” being drafted and signed.
  • NAACP: “We repudiate the actions of the violent mob of “Trump supporters” and domestic terrorists…”
  • Somehow, Mr. LaRock’s 1st Amendment right of disagreeing with the election results “disenfranchises the sacred votes of millions of African Americans”. Mr. LaRock is good but I don’t think he wields that kind of power.

The actual resolution these dummies drafted is at the bottom of the post. Before you get there, I wanted you to enjoy some pictures that show COMPLETE hypocrisy AND their attempt at making this a race issue. Mrs. Randall is tied at the hip of the NAACP and Michelle Thomas, the president. Julie Briskman, well I think she’s a wanna be that can keep her district under control, as you can see below. Julie Briskman is the same morally bankrupt anti-trumper that flipped him the middle finger when he drove by her near Trump International Golf Course in Sterling, VA.

There was a speaker who addressed the LCBS on 1/19/21 and he was right, what the hell does white supremacy have to do with anything they are accusing Mr. LaRock of? It DOESN’T. These people are running LC as if the KKK holds nightly marches throughout the county. They are race baiting, plain and simple. Be smart people, all of this anti-white nonsense is their attempt to drive division in the community and paint a despicable false narrative. This guy made another good point, Randall could never have won her 2019 election if not for white people, the county demographic numbers prove that. If she doesn’t believe this white supremacy is good then she should distance herself from the NAACP because that is all they are preaching.

Julie Briskman, LCBS, Algonkian District

“Demonstrators returned for the third week of recurring protests begun by the Algonkian Democrats”

Julie Briskman out for a brisk bike ride! Hi mom, I’m now on the LCBS’s!

Phyllis Randall, LCBS Chairman

Phyllis Randall said in her closing remarks on 6/18/20: “Black people are not asking for anything but justice and equality. And EVERYONE better be happy about that… I don’t want to hear about how you don’t like politics or how you’re not really into politics. I can tell as politicians, whether you’re into us, we’re into you.”

As a result of LCBS and NAACP’s dumb decision, the crazy people have come out making threats against a long time business owner that dare does legitimate business with Mr. LaRock.

Keep in mind that these people all support Black Lives Matter. They have attacked a man because they did not like what he said. Ant idea what BLM has said AND done? Below are just a few examples. You decide, does it make sense for LCBS to support a group that caused $2b in damage, rioted, looted, set fires, attacked people because they were white and then ask for Mr. LaRock to resign because he disagreed with the election results?

This is who LCBS and the NAACP openly support and LaRock supported a guy that wanted to Make America Great Again

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