1/26/21: Juli Briskman, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors For The Algonkian District. Really? Yup.


Recently, Juli Briskman lead the charge, along with Phyllis Randall and Michelle Thomas, on a resolution that condemned VA State Delegate, Dave LaRock’s post, comments and support of the Stop the Steal rallies related to the stolen 2020 Presidential Election and called on him to resign. Mr. LaRock was not involved in violence, did not incite violence and last I checked, it’s his God given right to object to the results of an election, especially one as fraudulent as this one was. This post is not about Dave LaRock, this post is about blatant hypocrisy.

I don’t think it’s a secret that Black Lives Matter caused an enormous amount of destruction these past (9) months ($2B+), were engaged in countless violent racial attacks, looted, robbed and burned down cities across the country. To give Briskman the benefit of the doubt, I searched far and wide across the internet looking for news articles, statements, posts, anything condemning these acts and I came up empty. However, Briskman does provide plenty of examples of her support for BLM and even in her position as an elected official, helping to organize a local BLM protest.

Personally, I think Juli Briskman should be the first to resign. How in the hell can the citizens of Loudoun County expect that Briskman would act and vote in a non partisan manner and continue to favor Black Lives Matter in her decision making process. They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so at the bottom of the page are all of the politicians and organizations that endorsed Briskman.

If you’re displeased at how Briskman conducts herself let her know: Twitter – @SupBriskman

Briskman showing her solidarity. Keep in mind that this moron was at a busy intersection with traffic lights and families driving by. The “white women” only complained about the word “Fucking” on the sign. Given Briskman’s history, no wonder she proudly shared this.
Briskman couldn’t wait to post this and for Loudoun County residents to see the wonderful artwork BLM, who she ardently supports, did to this statue in Richmond. How in the hell is a woman like this an “elected” official? Is this really proper conduct?
Briskman looks like a pretty ardent BLM supporter in this photo. Why is she drafted a resolution of a VA Delegate to resign? Oh yeah, his 1st Amendment rights.
Here’s Briskman is action supporting SPLC one of the primary promotors of CRT and funded by George Soros, AND and LCPS “equity” partner pushing their racist CRT “Teaching Tolerance” program
Briskman letting everyone know that her BLM protest did not increase the COVID positive count in Loudoun
This is a racist and derogatory comment towards Italian Americans
Should a LCBS really be helping to promote a BLM protest? She wants a VA Delegate to resign because he attended a rally? Please Briskman.
Here’s Briskman proudly sharing a story about the thousands of BLM protestors, at a protest she helped organize in Sterling, VA
Another proud moment for a Loudoun County elected official. How in the hell is a woman like this an “elected” official? Is this really proper conduct?
Notice Briskman says “support the @ACLU in fighting for our right to gather and protest in public spaces”. However, she wants a VA State Delegate fired for doing exactly what she said to fight for. Hypocrite doesn’t even begin to describe Briskman.
Briskman playing out her role as Siskel and Ebert
Briskman’s update on her BLM protest.
Again, here we have Briskman agreeing that people should not face fines or disciplinary actions for protesting. Hypocrite doesn’t even begin to describe Briskman.

Briskman and Her BLM Backers

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