LCPS and “Equity” Partner, Racial Equity Tools Wasting No Time Pushing Progressive Politics, Trump is a “White Supremacist” Anti-White Politics Onto Students

Who in the hell does LCPS, LCBS, NAACP and MSAAC think they are? Aren’t schools supposed to be “neutral” when it comes to politics and not “neutering? This is the very definition of “indoctrination”. Parents, regardless of your feelings about President Trump, isn’t there something wrong about making providing RESOURCES or LESSON PLANS for our students that state President Trump is a “White Supremacist”? If the situation were reversed, would you want salacious RESOURCES or LESSON PLANS being provided and taught about Obama?

What’s even more scary, is this garbage is being provided by ONE of LCPS’s “Equity” partners, Racial Equity Tools. Loudoun County Schools has somewhere around (10) additional “Equity Partners”

Anti-White and Progressive Political LCPS Student Education

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