May 26, 2020 LCPS put out an Equity Statement with an APB (all points bulletin) to be on the lookout for “White Supremacists”, it’s a mass infestation in Loudoun County and it needs to be “disrupted & dismantled”.

P.A.C.T. has received some information this evening from White Watchers correspondents Zeke and Gus about the possible identities and hideout location for the notorious Loudoun County “White Supremacists”. This idiotic, absurd, and highly offensive claim came to us from our LCPS School Board on May 26, 2020 in their “Equity Statement”. They said “LCPS calls for all students, staff, families, and other members of our community to engage in the disruption and dismantling of white supremacy“. Sign me up! However, LCPS did not tell us exactly what to looking for? Personally, I would love to run all of these “White Supremacist” bastards out of Loudoun County, but again, I have no idea what to look for. It’s such a broad description unless………..they are suggesting that ALL white people are “White Supremacists”, even the 44% of their student population.

Is the LCPS School Board stupid enough to make such an absurd assertion OR are they too feckless to stand up to the Anti-White cohorts, the NAACP and MSAAC? Either way is a losing proposition, not for the board but for the residents of Loudoun County, students, teachers and parents.

Is the LCPS School Board the “White Supremacists” in question? Does the “disrupting and dismantling” need to start with them? Probably, but while we’re at it, we need to “disrupt and dismantle” the black supremacists that have flipped Loudoun County and LCPS upside down with their bullshit, offensive, hateful and discriminatory force fed ideology known as critical race theory. Have a good day!

Possible Loudoun County “White Supremacist” Location

Possible Loudoun County “White Supremacists” Identified?

Contact Your School Board Member If You’re Tired of All of This Racist, Anti-White, and “White Supremacist” Narrative

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