LCPS in National News Last Week. This Week Board Member Falls Asleep. What Happens Next?

This will be the shortest post ever (for P.A.C.T. anyways). Let’s do a quick water downed recap:

  • October 2020: LCPS made national news because they wanted to pass a proposal that would punish teachers if they dared to criticize critical race theory (or as LCPS refers to it Comprehensive Equity Plan) in school, out of school, via text, phone call, email, or in person. Because of the outrage, the proposal did not pass. However, you know what did pass? Scott Ziegler becoming interim-superintendent. Ziegler was the person that created the proposal to punish teachers
  • November 2020: LCPS’s very own Stone Bridge HS rejected the participation of white students in the newly created “Student Equity Ambassador Club”. By participation I mean they could act as onlookers but were not allowed to speak as any discussions were reserved for black students only
  • January 2021: A parent rightfully confronts LCPS school board for their complete negligence to get kids back in school. This also made national news
  • February 2021: During an LCPS School Board meeting, there were A LOT of parents and students that spoke out against the boards decision to keep kids home from school and pleaded with them to get them back in. Board member, Leslie King, was so attentive to the anger, tears, bitterness and resentment that she decided to take a nap WHILE parents and kids were speaking (see video below)

This is just the tip of the iceberg. My hope is once we can get through getting the kids back in school, we can all rally in large numbers to confront them about the very dangerous Critical Race Theory ideology, God willing! Great work, stamina and determination parents, students and teachers! As for the LCPS School Board, every last one of you need to be recalled or quit. I can promise you that the remainder of your tenure as a school board member will continue to be exposed because you all are killing education, along with your cohorts the NAACP and MSAAC

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