About Far Left Facts

Do We Really Need Another Political Website?

Yes. While it’s true that Far Left Facts is another website that incorporates News, Quasi Blogs and some Opinions, however, Far Left Facts is a website with a slight twist, consider it a Far Left Dashboard. There are 100’s of news websites, blogs and Lord knows, millions of opinions. This makes it much more difficult for people to educate themselves on who the Far Left is and what they’re about. Sure there are many news stories and blogs people can click through for updates on the latest-greatest news of the day. However, if someone is interested in learning more about the Far Left, doing a million different Google searches will take time and most people will get bored and lose interest, simply because it takes more effort than they would like.

Let’s face it, politics is boring, confusing, frustrating, dirty, divisive and hate-filled, which is why so many people loathe the subject. Many people tend to shy away from the topic, besides often times what they see or read on the news is there only takeaway and helps to shape their opinions and beliefs, this is referred to as being made politically “aware” by “drive-by or headline news”. In 2020, being uninformed because of ones hatred for politics can literally mean the difference between Socialism and Freedom. It sounds cliche’ but it couldn’t more true.

The main objective Far Left Facts is to provide a centralized location for people to peruse and become more aware of what the Far Left is all about and how they are trying to turn America into a Socialist country and remove all of our Freedoms we’ve ever known. There are so many facets of their dastardly initiatives it would make your head spin. I’m not sure that FLF can tackle them all, however, we will try to provide information to as many as we can.

Far Left Facts Will Provide Information on the Following:

  1. Far Left Ideology
  2. Far Left Initiatives
  3. Far Left Groups
  4. Black Lives Matter
  5. Joe Biden
  6. Kamala Harris
  7. War on Whites
  8. War on Blacks
  9. First Aid and Hope
  10. Dirty Truth Posts

***Far Left Facts will be constantly updating the website to ensure we are providing enough information on all things Far Left related***

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