Biden 2020 Campaign Policies

1/27/21: Why are Americans surprised at all of the destruction Biden has caused in just (7) days? Saddened? Yes. Disgusted? Yes. Pissed Off? Yes. Surprised? Nope. Below are all of Biden’s stated 2020 policies, (47) different “Bold Ideas” that have been available for close to (1) year if not longer. Far Left Facts posted this information and the Biden/Bernie Manifesto long before the election as well. Forget what Biden has said, is saying or will say, it’s 100% bullshit. Biden didn’t create his policies nor did he create his Manifesto. Hell, he has openly said on at least (2) occasions since 1/20/21 “What am I signing?”, referring to the 50+ Executive Orders he’s signed in (7) days, the most in history. My point is this, everything Biden has put out for the world to see is exactly what he’s doing.

I’ve succumbed to the fact, knowing what his policies are all about, that getting angry or pissed won’t change a thing, after all I knew what his agenda was/is. This doesn’t make it any better knowing he is literally killing our country. If you want to understand or be aware of what Biden will be doing in the future, I recommend going through his policies listed below and/or reading through his Manifesto. Sometimes knowing what is likely to happen is better than not expecting something to happen. It’s simply a mental game, do whatever works because we have a long way to go.

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