BLM “Equity” Partners for Schools

After doing a lot of digging, I was able to connect the dots between our school system’s “Combating Systemic Racism” initiative to organizations that they have partnered with to carry out their radical agenda. Given the amount of information and resources these sites have, I would suspect that many other school systems around the country are also using these resources. What I discovered was nothing short of amazement, but sadly, I wasn’t surprised.

These groups are very well organized and their plan of attack is strong and when you have a weak school board and superintendent, it’s the perfect storm.

Below are the various categories on Racial Equity Tools website and as you can see, there’s tons of information. One thing that struck me is on Racial Equity Tools homepage, they are promoting M4BL’s “Breath Act” which is fully aimed at defunding the police. For the life of me I cannot understand HOW any school systems thinks it’s a good idea to promote this trash to our kids. If you’re concerned for your kids or the welfare of your community, please dive in.

What struck me on this website is they actually provide instruction on Why schools should be teaching all about BLM. They also provide materials for teachers to educate their students on Voting and tool-kits for Student Walkouts. They have a plethora of resources for teachers and school systems to develop curriculum centered around the BLM narrative and ultimately how all white kids are racist.

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