The Irony of BLM

Retired NBA Great, Charles Barkley

I dare someone to tell Charles Barkley he’s a “sell-out” or an “Uncle Tom” or a “Coon”, see what happens. The irony of the Black Lives Matter movement is they don’t really believe that all black lives matter. “I knew it, you’re a racist for saying such a thing” one might say, but convince me that I’m wrong. Remember, actions speak much louder than words. Below are just a few examples of actions speaking louder than words:

  • Irony #1 Blacks Killed by Cops: BLM and the NAACP claim that blacks are being hunted down and executed by cops across our entire country. BLM states that (1,098) blacks were killed by cops in 2019 (they do not provide a source) and the NAACP claims that (259) blacks were killed by cops in 2019 (they do provide a source, Washington Post police killing database). The NAACP is correct, however, the NAACP starts and stops at saying (259) blacks were killed by cops in 2019. Why is this important? It’s very important because the NAACP and BLM have painted the narrative that all of the (259) black people killed by cops in 2019 were innocently minding their own business when BAM a cop kills them. Fake News! You see, there are many other variables that account for those (259) killed black people. For example, how many of those killed were killed while committing a crime? How many of those killed threatened the cop with a weapon? What type of weapon? Were any of the cops indicted on murder? If so, how many resulted in a conviction? How many blacks killed were unarmed (9 in 2019)? This is not to suggest that all (259) blacks killed deserved it but many of them did. For an honest and realistic discussion, which BLM and the NAACP will not have, these are all variables that need to be accounted for before destroying a country, defunding police departments, demanding the entire country conform to their way of thinking or they will “burn the system down”.
  • Irony #2 Black on Black Crime: Have you ever asked yourself or someone else why BLM does not harness their power to address the mass executions that occur in the black community on a daily basis? BLM, NAACP and the White Guilt struck Liberals response is always and without fail “That’s racist”. News flash, saying you’re not racist has also been declared racist, so there’s no winning with these feeble minded people. When was the last time you saw a representative of BLM or the NAACP make a concerning statement when a little, truly innocent, black kid is murdered by some thug, and his only crime was wrong place and wrong time? Never, it never happens. Why? Politics plain and simple. Seems to me that if all black lives mattered then BLM’s focus wouldn’t be on BLM murals painted in the streets, on a basketball court, on the backs of football players helmets or in our schools. You know it’s a sad, sad time when there is a website ( that is devoted to providing, in near real-time the black on black murder stats in Chicago. As if it’s some type of betting platform in Vegas. As of 8/14/2020 there have been (348) blacks murdered out of (474) people just in Chicago and not a damn word from those that profess Black Lives Matter”.
  • Irony #3 Donations and Funding: BLM is so focused on defunding the police, destroying communities, blaming cops for the “mass killings” of innocent black people, intimidating society and raising money for their “cause” or “movement” that they have become the most hypocritical non-profit organization in history. How so? Well, it’s no secret that BLM has raised huge sums of money, we’re talking 10’s and hundreds of millions of dollars. However, all the money they’ve raised has been processed by another non-profit group called ActBlue. ActBlue has taken the money donated to BLM and provided it as “donations” to the top Liberal organizations and politicians. Even better, the top (10) people ActBlue/BLM has donated to are all WHITE people. Barry Sanders was number one, Joe Biden number two and Elizabeth Warren comes in third. Approximately $500m dollars has been donated to the campaigns of these (3) radical Liberal politicians. It’s very “ironic” that the people receiving BLM’s money are the very people they claim to despise the most, white people
  • Irony #4 Destruction of their Own Communities: As I’ve said before, “Black Lives Matter” absolutely does NOT live up to what their name implies. Since George Floyd was killed at the end of May 2020 through August 14, 2020, BLM has caused over $1B in damage. If every bit of that $1B in damage directly impacted all white people and all police, then one could argue they were successful in their mission. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. BLM has destroyed black communities with rioting, looting and violence. They have successfully destroyed countless black owned business. They have killed many other black people during their rioting and looting excursions. In fact, BLM is to blame for more blacks being killed during the riots than the police have killed in the past (10) years. This is how much black lives actually matter to BLM.
  • Irony #4 White Liberals: I find this odd but not surprising, in the vast majority of “protest” videos are white people wearing BLM shirts, holding up their cute little BLM signs, berating white people, berating cops, etc. Seems like many more white liberals are “down” with the BLM cause than black people. This tells me that the U.S. has another pandemic on its hands and it’s called “white guilt”. They are nothing more than weak minded people who want to show the world and black people that they are “down” for the cause. Truth be told, these people actually believe that cops are hunting black people and that BLM actually cares about black lives.

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