Defund the Police

BLM Master Plan to Defund the Police

I’ve lost 3 minutes & 45 seconds of my life so you don’t have to. That’s how long it took me to watch the BLM‘s masterful plan to Defund the Police video. The images below outline exactly how BLM intends on achieving their goal to Defund the Police and I would argue, they have been successful in many parts of the country. According to Kailee Scales, Managing Director of BLM, more than 1,000 black men, women and children are killed every year by the police, at least that’s what her cartoonish timeline below shows. Sadly and conveniently, Kailee did not site any sources for her numbers and rightfully so because they are 1000% bogus. Even BLM‘s partner in crime the NAACP does not provide any numbers near what this lady is providing AND the NAACP at least provides their source, Washington Post police killing database. The NAACP claimed (259) blacks were killed by cops in 2019 and Scales is claiming (1,098), not even close. I’d provide a link but the Washington Post is now asking for a subscription to their trash. I did however download the database before they restricted it and while the NAACP’s numbers are actually closer to the total number of blacks killed by cops in 2019, they start and stop at (259) killings and within the data-set, the real story is revealed. Many relevant factors to consider but, suffice it to say, so (259) killings is ingenious and not indicative of the facts, which BLM and the NAACP fail to provide……for anything.

In the second phase of BLM‘s plan to Defund the Police, Scales poses the question “Imagine what could be done with Billions of dollars the police are given every year?”. She also claims that “Defunding the Police is the only way to stop pouring resources into a system that does not make us safe”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read between the lines that when she says “us” she means black people, after all, Black Lives Matter.

Now comes the third phase where Scales introduces where “our tax money” should go, “human-centered services; education, health care, housing and opportunity”. Again, she uses the inclusive term of “our” when referring to tax money but the majority of the tax revenue doesn’t come from the black communities it goes into them. What doesn’t amaze me is that Scales fails to mention that over the past 50+ years, the US tax payers have spent over $22 trillion dollars in the black community alone and for the very same things she is demanding we spend more tax dollars on now. Remember, blacks only account for 13% of the US population. Some like to consider the $22 trillion dollars spent as “invested”, however, the hope with any investment is it will yield some type of return. Personally, I don’t consider politicians (mostly the Left) squandering the “black community dollars” for pet projects or lining their own pockets an “investment”. Nor would I consider burning down ones own community and destroying life for so many people in these communities an “investment”. It’s just throwing good money after bad and to no end.

Next comes the “It’s Possible” phase. With this bit of genius, Scales states “It’s time to take money from the police budgets and put the money into people. It’s time to create communities where Black people will not only survive, but thrive”, yeah but can they stay alive? What happened to that $22 trillion dollars and who’s going to keep the black communities safe from other blacks? Funny how BLM NEVER discusses this aspect.

Finally, we have the “Here’s how we do it” phase, and this is really some warped thinking:

  1. Demand that lawmakers support reparations for all families of those killed and survivors of police violence. I’m confused, I thought they wanted reparations for slavery that they never had to endure?
  2. Demand that every state, city and municipality spend LESS on law enforcement and incarceration. Period. Uh, hell no. BLM and their radical and bizarre wish list should not impact me or my family
  3. Demand INVESTMENT into Black communities. It is not enough to Defund the Police, we need to put in place systems to uplift and protect Black communities. That means divesting from and investing in: Teachers, Mental Health, Restorative Services and Community-Led Harm Reduction. Not sure where to even begin with this one. Let’s start with that $22 trillion dollars because it went to the same damn things BLM is squawking about now. How much is enough? Who is going to protect the Black communities from BLM, BLM?

In closing, my personal conclusion is that BLM and Kailee Scales are nothing more than the every lasting victim that blames white people and police for their troubles. BLM does not give a flying rip about the Black community, if they did, they would be “investing” some of those many of millions of dollars into the Black communities instead of funnel all of their donations to ActBlue and into WHITE Liberal politicians hands and campaigns. How you like’em apples, BLM takes in millions of dollars from corporations, people and everything else in between and it all gets funneled to WHITE politicians. Seems to me that BLM is not a self sustaining organization but one that is managed and owned by the very people they despise, white people. As I always say, don’t believe me, read it directly from the BLM mouth.

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