The Far Left


In order to better understand what “Far Left Facts” is all about, it probably makes sense to have of a general understanding of what the “Political Spectrum” is.  Simply put, the “Political Spectrum” identifies the (3) primary types or buckets of political positions people align with.  Each one of these political positions has their own complexities that are wide and deep. However, since “Far Left Facts” is about the Far Left, that’s where our focus will be.

The Far Left is like Baskin Robins, it is referred to in a wide array of interchangeable nomenclatures, although not quite (31) different flavors! The Far Left is also known as: Radical Left, Radical Far Left, Far Left Radicals or my personal favorite the Unhinged Radical Left. These references all mean the same thing: the radical left a political belief which advocates a system of total Equity for all individuals. It is generally collectivist in nature, however some members of the Far Left see absolute individualism as the final goal of their ideology; Socialism, Communism, Marxism, and Anarchy.

So who is the Far Left anyways?  Once again, the “who” of the Far Left is like Baskin Robins; Politicians, School Systems, Colleges/Universities, Corporations, Main Stream Media (CNN, MSNBC, HLN, Bloomberg, CBS, ABC, Washington Post, New York Times, etc), Sports Players & Team Owners, Hollywood, Music Industry, Technology Companies, Philanthropists, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, anyone that drives an electric car, etc.  There sure are a lot of players involved with the Far Left, but each has a clear and distinctive role for the greater good of the “Far Left Agenda”.

Politicians:  Try to push through various kinds of radical new laws, amendments, bills and budgets

Schools & Colleges/Universities:  Teachers (particularly teachers unions), professors and administrations incorporate Far Left “values” into classroom instruction, projects and even graduation requirements that are centered around the Far Left agenda and this starts as early as kindergarten. This is called indoctrination

Hollywood/Musicians/Sports Stars:  Everybody loves these people and look to them as role models, worldly figures and all knowing because of their fame and not their common sense

Black Lives Matter/Antifa:  BLM has been a critical component in helping to move the Far Left’s agenda further to the left using racism, discrimination and bigotry as their Trojan Horse to force the narrative that cops are hunting black people in every city, town and state across the country, a War on Blacks by law enforcement.  BLM does this very well at all levels of society, however, the majority of their “supporters” are the dummies on the streets that are “protesting”, rioting and destroying communities around the country, right alongside Antifa

At the end of the day, no matter how you refer to the Far Left or who is involved, their end goal is radical and simple; Socialism, Communism, Marxism with Anarchy as the proverbial nail in the coffin.  Socialism is the vehicle or first phase in the quest to achieve Communism/Marxism.  In order to realize true Communism/Marxism, Socialism must happen first.  Socialism is not an effort that takes place in one or two years.  In order for Socialism to be successful, the Far Left has to be calculating, deliberate, methodical and careful. Then comes Anarchy.  They need to penetrate every critical component of our society; Financial, Legal (including law enforcement), Religion, Educational, Recreational, Workplace, Sports, Social, Entertainment and even Foreign Affair.  Sadly, they are doing a good job but it’s not too late.  Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?  No (just a little Animal House humor).

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