Noteworthy Speeches from RNC

Let’s face it, whether it’s the DNC or the RNC, these conventions can be boring to watch as politicians can go on, and on, and on. However, not in 2020, for the RNC anyways!

While the DNC held their convention first, it was like a (4) day funeral. If this was the first time someone was in America or an alien from another planet and they watched the DNC on TV, they left America that same night. Listening to these degenerates talk, the U.S. is full of racist, it’s not a good place to live and we just want people to die. How absurd was it for Elizabeth Warren to give her little speech in a kindergartner classroom and over her left shoulder were colored blocks with letters that spelled out “BLM”. Whoops, can I still refer to toy colored blocks as “colored” or is that a dog whistle? Whatever, it was extremely distasteful and 100% subliminal.

Now, the RNC, they have put together one heck of a Day 1 of speakers. Below are the speeches from (9) people last night and I purposefully placed the (4) politicians at the bottom. Not because they aren’t good speeches but because the first (5) speeches were from normal everyday people. I hope you find them as inspiring as I have.

  • Andrew Pollack: Father of Meadow Pollack who was murdered at Parkland High School in 2018
  • Herschel Walker: A former pro NFL player, who is black and has known Donald Trump for (37) years
  • Kim Klacik: An outstanding young black women running for a Congressional seat in Baltimore. She is a must see.
  • Maximo Alvarez: Cuban immigrant that went on to found Sunshine Gasoline in FL. He loves America more than any Liberal claimed at the DNC. In fact, I don’t think anyone from the DNC claimed to love America
  • The McCloskey’s: Husband and wife in St. Louis that defended their lives and home using their 2nd Amendment right from protesters. However, the Liberal DA has officially charged with with multiple felonies. What’s interesting is the McCloskey’s were Liberals who defended protesters and the Far Left turned on them real quick for BLM

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