War on Whites

Well said. The media is completely negligent on this tragic story. Why? Once again, it goes against the grain of their narrative. If a 25 year old white buy executed a 5 year old black boy on his bicycle, well you know what would happen. George Floyd is somehow a hero and this tragic story was not even a blip on the media radar.


Being called a racist used to be one of the worse things you could say to someone.  Today, it’s used with such frequency that it has lost its powerful meaning.  So much so that if a white person says that they are not a racist, the Far Left flips the narrative and says that anyone denying that they’re a racist is, you guessed it, a racist.  If someone is flying a Thin Blue Flag to show support for law enforcement, they’re considered a racist.  There is not one single scenario I can think of where the Far Left won’t claim racism.  In fact, its become a running joke.  Mathematics is racist.  White sneakers is racist.  Silence is racist.  Being born white, automatically a racist (this is White Fragility).

Is There a War on White People?

Is there really a War on White People?  Yup.  A war, really?  Yup.  This is not a concept created by White Supremacist’s, but the from perspective of normal, everyday white people and black people neither of which are NOT White Supremacists.  The Far Left has done an incredible job of developing, marketing and incorporating “White People” concepts into everyday society which is being widely disseminated by the MSM, BLM, Employers, K-12 School Systems, Higher Education, Professional Sports, Food Manufacturers and on and on.  These are many of the “concepts” you may have heard more and more lately:  White Fragility, Implicit Bias, White Privilege, Racial Consciousness, Anti-Racism, Systemic Racism, Institutional Racism and The 1619 Project.  Far Left Facts dives down into each these Far Left “concepts” to help people appreciate why it feels like a war.

Is There a War on Black People?

Is there really a War on Black People?  Yup.  However, this particular war is not being fought by Black Lives Matter, NAACP, White Guilt, New Black Panthers or any other pro-militant black organization.  The War on Black People is being waged, not by white people but black people.  For example, in Chicago during the month of July 2020, there was (107) homicides in the black community and (456) homicides by August 1, 2020 AND (348) of these homicides were in the black community (heyjackass.com) and 2020 is only halfway over.  Every week, all around the country, we hear about another black little kid being murdered, again not by white people or cops, but by other blacks in their community which are all and have been run by the Far Left.

One might ask “What are Black Lives Matter, NAACP, White Guilt, New Black Panthers or any other pro-militant black organization doing to help?”.  This is a question that is asked all the time but never answered.  Why?  You guessed it, it’s “racist”.  The most hypocritical “pro-black” organizational name is “Black Lives Matter”.  Despite all of the innocent black lives lost every day around the country, BLM’s admitted focus is a radical Marxist political agenda with the lead narrative being black people are being hunted down and killed by cops on a daily basis.  If this was true, then as of this writing on August 3rd, 2020, there should be a minimum of 212 blacks killed by cops but in reality, that number is more like 110, but remember (348) blacks have been killed by other blacks in Chicago 2020 year to date.  There’s 800,000+ cops in the US so either all these cops don’t know how to kill black people or BLM is full of crap, I’m going with the latter and it’s supported by facts.  Ironically, it seems that more white guilt ridden Far Left morons believe BLM’s narrative than black people.

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